Grow Your Business With Our Proven Marketing Websites

For businesses that have no website but would love to be found by search traffic, we can build a simple 4-6 page landing website to help get you there.

Studies show that simple, no-clutter site designs (which get right to the point) outperform large and noisy websites with too much information that customers care to read. At Impact Media, we know the importance of simply giving a potential customer exactly what they’re looking for and how to turn that quest into a customer who buys from you!

We put all the things into our site designs that we know help convert, such as freeing your site from distractions, adding testimonials, adding “buy now” buttons or some sort of “call-to-action” onto every page, and listing certain content as bullet points.

Additionally, Google doesn’t like to present sites that have too much going on. Of course we can build fancy Flash websites but too many bells and whistles bog down the user’s browser and ruins their search experience. So the search engines rank those sites lower.  Therefore, we try to build sites that are mainly text-based so that we aid the algorithms in any way we can.

Our websites are:

  • Fast loading
  • Easy to SEO
  • Google friendly
  • Bing friendly
  • Mobile friendly

Mobile Friendly Technology

In a world where most website visitors are using mobile devices, having a text-based mobile version of your site is key. Below are samples of recent websites we built that work on both desktop computers and mobile devices like phones and tablets…



All websites need to be hosted on a server. If you don’t understand what that means, think of it as leasing an apartment. The server is the apartment building that your website will live in. Our websites come with a prime hosting package that allows us to rank them high in Google search. Search engines like websites that load quickly, have low down time, and work well across all devices. By hosting your website, we have 24-hour access to its pages so we can make sure that it’s always ranking high and promoting your business!

We Provide Extra Advantages

  • 3-person web design team
  • 16 years of web design experience
  • 16 years of marketing & advertising experience
  • 9 years of SEO experience
  • 7-person SEO team
  • We treat every project like it’s our own

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