Video Production Company San Diego

To take full advantage of our video SEO services, it’s a great idea to use professionally made videos! Our team has been producing professional, broadcast-quality videos (at affordable prices) for 16 years.

Feel free to view samples of our video production quality below…

Promotional Videos:

Having a promotional/corporate video (also known as an explainer video) on the homepage of your website, makes your website 53% more likely to rank on page 1 of Google. A video on your website also keeps visitors an average of 4 minutes longer. Plus, your video can be found separately on Google (outside of your website) so your business is found in multiple places on the page.


Red Rocket Partners

A venture capital group in Chicago, IL.

An Australian crowdfunding site for first responders.


La Jolla Wellness Studio

An innovative fitness studio in San Diego, CA.


Medlink Transit

A medical transportation service in Ventura, CA.

Who Winked Me – Office

A dating app out of Las Vegas, NV.


Who Winked Me – College Campus

Another commercial for this dating app.


Silverado Framing & Construction, Inc.

A framing contractor in Riverside, CA.


San Diego Youth Symphony

A promotional video on their Community Opus Project.


MHC Asia Group

An employee medical network in Singapore.


Jewel Brook

A vacation home development in Ludlow, VT.

Video Content Marketing:

Below are samples of videos we created for YouTube channels that help to rank these clients’ websites higher in Google (as well as increase their overall online presence). These types of videos are typically what we call “talking head videos” (simply a hired spokesperson or someone from the company speaking on camera). Unlike the promotional video, with this strategy, many videos are filmed and uploaded. Below is one sample video from each campaign…


Belushin Law Firm

A law firm in New York, NY.


John C. Lewis

A realtor in Temecula, CA.


San Diego Youth Symphony

An interview on their Community Opus Project.



MHC Asia Group

An employee medical network in Singapore.



Mansfield Law Group

An immigration attorney in Murrieta, CA.


Blumberg Law Group

A law firm in Solana Beach, CA.


New Lex Tokyo

A series on event news at this Tokyo night club.

We Provide Extra Advantages

  • 9 years of SEO experience
  • 16 years of marketing, advertising & creative experience
  • 7-person SEO team
  • 4-person video production team
  • Broadcast video production experience
  • Award winning script writing
  • Southern California/Hollywood talent & crew
  • Broadcast-quality voice actors
  • We treat every project like it’s our own

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