4 More Ways to Grow Your Business With Our Video SEO Services


1. Your Promotional Video on Google

You may have noticed that when you do a Google search, you sometimes see videos mixed in with the results (and that giant thumbnail beckoning you to click on it.) This is one of the best ways to standout in Google search. Not only do you have more real estate on the page but videos are one of only two ways that you can have an image appear in the search results. It is also an image that you have complete control over and can change to anything you’d like (including your contact information.) You can also include your phone number in the title of the video so customers can call your business even without watching the video (just from seeing the video listed in the search results). And of course, for users who do click on the video, they then watch the most powerful sales presentation you can have, VIDEO!

Furthermore, YouTube itself is the internet’s number two search engine right behind Google. And, of course, the only way to access YouTube search is with a video or videos.

2. Testimonial Videos on Google

In this digital age, one thing that many potential customers like to do before they decide to do business with you is Google your business name (see what they can find out about you- see what other customers are saying). One way they do that is read your Google reviews but another way (and a way you can control) is have videos of your previous customers saying positive things about your business and get those videos to appear on Google whenever someone searches for your business name. Imagine how reputable it would look to search a business and see customer testimonial videos all over the page of search results!


3. Video on Your Website

When visitors visit your website, you have less than three seconds to captivate them or they’ll click “back” and visit another website. One way to keep visitors past that three second threshold is to have a promotional video on the homepage of your website. Videos keep people on websites an average of four minutes longer. This also helps to rank your website higher because one of the algorithm’s many ranking factors is time spent on your site. Even Google has announced that websites with video on them are 53% more likely to appear in search results.


4. Raising Your Website’s Rank With Video Content Marketing

Having a YouTube channel for your business that’s connected to your website helps to rank your website higher. This is because YouTube is a very high-authority site. Plus it doesn’t hurt that it’s owned by Google so they will of course always give you props for using YouTube. And if your YouTube channel is populated with videos, what happens is people share those videos on other high authority sites. So others are out there building links for you in a very natural way- an excellent way to build SEO juice for your own site!

In addition, your website itself can become somewhat of a high-authority site by creating content (the website blog). The more blog posts we make for your website that create new pages, the larger the site becomes over time (ensuring Google notices your site- as it will gain its own authority). And here is a relatively untapped SEO secret: if your website’s blog content is done in the form of embedded YouTube videos, it ranks even higher than that! The internet is saturated with written blogs already so if you use video, you have such a leg up.

Whether you have your own video content or need us to help develop it, do the video production and SEO work, we can help set it all up.

We Provide Extra Advantages

  • 9 years of SEO experience
  • 16 years of marketing, advertising & creative experience
  • 7-person SEO team
  • 4-person video production team
  • Broadcast video production experience
  • Award winning script writing
  • Southern California/Hollywood talent & crew
  • Broadcast-quality voice actors
  • We treat every project like it’s our own

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