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You’ve been looking for an SEO expert but no one seems to offer pro-quality work. Or maybe you found a fantastic SEO company but they’re just too expensive! Impact Media is a San Diego based SEO agency offering quality search engine optimization services at affordable prices!

We Provide Extra Advantages:

  • 10 Years of SEO Experience
  • 17 Years of Marketing, Advertising & Web Design Experience
  • 7-Person SEO Team
  • 3-Person Web Design Team
  • We Treat Every Project Like It’s Our Own

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It is now well into the digital age and what does that mean in the world of marketing? It’s the search engine age! Everything in marketing is now ruled by the internet (and has for some time). Small businesses who are still spending hard earned marketing dollars on any sort of advertising are missing the mark.

Think about it. When someone needs to find a barber, auto shop, dentist, chiropractor, attorney (or whatever it is) they pull their pocket-sized computer out of their pocket and Google. Customers nowadays are already out there and looking for you! All you have to do is make sure your business appears in front of their eyes, FRONT AND CENTER!

You might have tried listing your business with Google yourself but found that it had not led to any new customers. That is because simply signing up does not automatically place your business onto page 1 when customers search. And you’ve got to be on page 1! If your website so much as appears on page 2, it’s like not being on Google at all.

Getting onto page 1 takes months of SEO work (just to start showing up) and then it takes continued SEO work to keep you there. That is the type of digital marketing work we focus on at Impact Media. Marketing that matters. Marketing that works!

  • We find the keywords that customers use to search for your services.
  • We build a mobile friendly website with those keywords in mind.
  • We develop and implement an ongoing marketing plan that gets your business found.

Our Services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Web Design & Hosting

Video Search Engine Optimization (V-SEO)

Video Production

About Us

Owner and core of the agency, Mark Hartenau, has been creating advertising, professionally, for 17 years. He got his start in 2001 by freelancing for San Diego advertising agencies where he helped create many ads for their clients. This naturally lead to the formation of his own business, as he had begun working for both agencies and clients alike.

In 2008 Mark launched Impact Media and shifted focus towards digital marketing (noticing that the majority of his clients were requesting work more for the internet than anything else). Since that time Mark has been behind the success of many SEO campaigns, PPC ad campaigns, online video campaigns, and continues to help businesses grow to this day.

Other members of the team include SEO specialists, content writers, and web designers.

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